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Carla's Sandwich

Read by: Allison Janney
  • Written by: Debbie Herman
  • Illustrated by: Sheila Bailey
  • Published by: Flashlight Press
  • Read by: Allison Janney
  • Suggested grade level: 2nd - 3rd
  • Run time: 11 minutes

When Carla brings weird sandwiches to school, her classmates have plenty to say about them. “That’s sick!” says Leslie. “That’s disgusting!” says Natie. But Carla thinks otherwise. “It’s unique. It’s creative.” Just like Carla. Although she is teased and even ignored by her classmates, Carla’s strong inner sense of uniqueness eventually wins them over. Wacky sandwiches, wacky illustrations and kid-true dialogue make this book’s message of acceptance, tolerance and the importance of individuality extremely palatable. And who knows? Carla’s Sandwich may even help parents with that ever present dilemma – what to pack for school lunch!